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In a recent lecture for part of our online studies, Joanna Geary, Web Development Editor at The Times, came in to chat to us about the use of social media.

Miss Geary has had a remarkable career so far – and she is still only in her twenties. She started at the Bimingham Post, as a business reporter. The paper was undergoing a period of cuts and redundancies afforded by the changing shape of the industry we all know so well and love, so she set up a blog looking at the media landscape – or more importantly, why it was failing. She was not afraid of the threat of technology to journalism many of the more traditional journalists feel.

Her blog caught the attention of The Times – where she now works, planning multimedia around key articles in the paper and exploring new digital products. She has also recently set up Brand New, for building online brands, and the Birmingham Social Media Cafe where people interested in the use and future of social media can meet up and network.

As we are frequently faced with so many gloomy and downright depressing predictions about the morphing industry it was reassuring to hear her opitimism, and of how her blog helped her move forward in her career.

As Gary Andrews, ITV Online Engagement, said: “If journalism is going to be saved, she’s one of the people who’ll be saving it.”


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